Tweed Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, Tweed Shire, Australia

City/Town/Village: n/a
County/Province/District (Name of): Tweed Shire
Sub-national State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Peri-Urban; Rural
Level of Government: Region
Population: 96,108
Population Range: 50,000 to 249,999
Policy Type: Plans
Food Systems Sector(s): food processing and manufacturing; food production; food wholesale and distribution
Year of Adoption: 2016
Adopting Government Department(s): Tweed Shire Council
Lead Implementing Entity: Tweed Shire Council
Supporting Entity: n/a
Additional Supporting Entity: n/a
Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
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Policy Outcome:

Tweed Sustainable Agriculture Strategy provides a vision and framework to increase sustainability, enhance quality of life, and foster social and inter-generational equity. Through this strategy, key issues affecting farm sustainability have been identified. Consequently, the strategy provides a framework for sustainable agriculture based on effective resource management, community involvement and local food economies. Further, the strategy seeks to develop strong partnerships between government, industries, farmers, and the community, in which all stakeholders work together to boost the economic viability of farming and protect the natural resource base. The strategy's specific objectives to foster sustainable agriculture are: conserving and restoring productivity and environmental values on farmland; remediating past adverse impacts on farmland and the community; responding to current and predicted pressures on agricultural land; building capacity through education and stakeholder engagement, and leveraging funding for strategy delivery.

Policy Keywords: agriculture; community gardens; community supported agriculture; distribution; food access; food infrastructure; health; health equity; healthy food; local food; local food economy; locally owned businesses