Articles, Book Chapters, and Books

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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Books and Monographs

  1. Committee on Health Impact Assessment. 2011.  Improving Health in the United States: The Role of Health Impact Assessment.  The National Academies Press, Washington, DC. Forthcoming. [Committee members and authors: D. Bear, R. Bhatia, S. Cantor, B. Cave, A. Diez Roux, C. Dora, J. Fielding, J Graff Zivin, Richard Jackson (Chair), J. Levy, J. Quint, S. Raja, A. Schulz, and A. Wernham.]
  2. Raja, Samina, Branden Born, and Jessica Kozlowski Russell.  2008.  A Planners’ Guide to Community and Regional Food Planning: Transforming Food Environments, Building Healthy Communities.  Planning Advisory Service (PAS) Series, No. 554.  Chicago, Illinois: American Planning Association. 112 p.

Articles in Professional Magazines and Press 

  1. Raja, Samina. 2015.  “Why all Cities should had a Department of Food.” The Conversation. April 3, 2015.
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