Resources for attendees of ‘Planning for Food Systems in Urban Settlements’ workshop at Habitat 3 Conference

On Sunday, Oct. 16 the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization hosted at workshop at the Habitat 3 conference in Quito, Ecuador. The workshop, titled ‘Planning for Food Systems in Urban Settlements: Lessons and Challenges from North America’ had a large turn out. Thank you to the many participants who attended the session and engaged in a rich dialogue on how to strengthen community food systems through local government policy and planning.¬†We will be sharing the results and notes from the workshop in the coming weeks.

The UB Food Lab would like to remind participants at the session about the package of resources available through UB Box, including case studies of rural and urban communities, examples of food systems plans, and policy briefs on starting the food systems planning process. Additionally, the Growing Food Connections project operates a searchable Policy Database with details examples of food systems policy for local and regional governments. Please utilize and share these resources.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with everyone at the workshop. The UB Food Lab looks forward to sharing more information about the workshop following the team’s return from Quito.