Planning Studio | Acting Collectively for Equity (ACE), Maradu, India (2016)

Barker, Micaela, Samantha Bulkilvish, John Costello, Ryan Dussault, Connor Hannan, Shawn Mathew, Kenzie McNamara, Breanna McCoy, Sucharita Paul, Kathryn Rozwod, Daniel Stegall, Vasikan Vijayashanthar, and Yilmaz York. 2016. [Title TBD]. School of Architecture and Planning (and Community of Global Health Equity), University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.


The Town of Maradu, Kerala, India is experiencing rapid growth and maintaining clean water and sanitation is an ongoing challenge.  Pollution puts a strain on already insufficient sanitation infrastructure.   An interdisciplinary group of thirteen graduate students (Urban & Regional Planning, Public Health, Environmental Engineering, and Architecture) prepared this report with the goal of promoting public health equity through improved water and sanitation systems. Students traveled to southern India for three weeks to collect data on current drinking water sources, waste and wastewater management, and public health. Students worked in partnership with the town government, Suchwita Mission, the Center for Science and Environment, and the College of Engineering in Trivandrum. The purpose of this trip was to assist the Municipality of Maradu come up with recommendation to help them implement their City Sanitation Plan. The data collection efforts were preceded by months of analyses and as a result a list of twenty-eight recommendations were produced and shared with the Municipality. Key findings included the need for improved and enlarged water and waste infrastructure for handling a growing population.

Read the report here.