Aye Bay Na Sa

Aye Bay Na Sa is an undergraduate sophomore in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. She intends to major in Biomedical Sciences and plans on going to medical school. Prior to starting college, she joined AmeriCorps and worked with Buffalo Beginning and Community Academic Center at 214 Grant St.  After working there, she served as an interpreter for a Food Lab research project focusing on refugees access to food for which she conducted interviews in the Karen language and transcribed them in English. Now she is a member of the Food Lab team working as an intern.

“My primary role in the Food Lab is assisting with the Dealing with Disparities in Food Access among Refugees (DDFAR) project. Currently, I’m working on transcribing and coding for the household interviews.  I applied to work in the Food Lab because I wanted a summer job that is worthwhile – specifically for experiential learning. Since I already work as a translator for the DDFAR project, I wanted to continue working in the summer. My career goal is to practice medicine, hopefully somewhere more exciting than a hospital. Maybe I can start out with working in a hospital, but then explore other places to work at (maybe NASA). I currently am considering doing aerospace medicine or becoming a surgeon, anything related to medicine that will help me working in space.”