Former Research Team Members

An outstanding group of researchers have contributed to the research of the Food Lab.

  1. Nathan (Nate) Attard, MUP 2015, UB
  2. Sol-Hyon Baek, PhD, Geography ’12, UB
  3. William Becker, MArch and MUP candidate, UB
  4. Cristina Delgado-Howard, MS Architecture ’15, MUP ’13; Research Analyst, UCSF Department of General Pediatrics
  5. Bree-Ana Dukes,  BA ’13, UB; Tutor/Mentor Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Americorps
  6. Eliza Feero, BA 2018 (expected), Brown University, Providence, RI
  7. Patrick Gooch, MUP, JD ’13, UB; Senior Planner, Chautauqua County Department of Planning and Economic Development
  8. Jessica Hall, MUP ’13, UB; Health System Strategy Analyst, Harris Health System, Houston, TX
  9. Sylvia Kelly, BSc ’13, Pace University, New York, NY
  10. Maryam Khojaseth, MUP 2015, UB; PhD candidate, University of Pennsylvania
  11. Bhakti Kulkarni, MUP ’08, UB; Urban Planner, Pune Area, India
  12. Katherine V. Markel, MUP, JD ’08, UB; Attorney with Hogan Willig, Buffalo, NY
  13. Kailee Neuner, MUP ’10, UB; GIS Urban Planner, LaBella Associates, Buffalo, NY
  14. Travis Norton, MUP ’14, UB
  15. Sarah Miller, BA 2016, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  16. Alex Ruch, MPH ’13, UB; PhD Candidate, University of Iowa, IA
  17. Jessica Kozlowski Russell, MUP 2008, UB; Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, University at Buffalo
  18. Sarah SanGiovanni, MUP 2014, UB
  19. Hailey Stern, MUP 2015, UB
  20. Alex Brian Ticoalu, University at Buffalo
  21. Annette Wong, BSc ’13, UB; Marketing Associate, CoachMePlus, Buffalo, NY
  22. Pavan Yadav, MUP 2008, UB; Technical Lead, ESRI, Redlands, CA