Nirupama Stalin


Nirupama is a first-year Master of Urban Planning student within the University at Buffalo’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning.  Prior to enrolling in the program, Nirupama received her Bachelor’s Degree in Planning from the School of Planning and Architecture in Vijayawada, India.  While attending school in Vijayawanda, Nirupama wrote her thesis on the environmental implications of non-communicable diseases due to urban air pollution. Nirupama also worked across a variety of planning projects, including a Regional Development Plan for Wayanad, India, and interned with Jones Lang Lasalle to develop a plan for a new bus terminal in Tamil Nadu, India.  Nirupama also volunteered with organizations in Tamil Nadu to plan for reverse osmosis water systems within the region.  Nirupama began working at the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab in February 2019.  In the lab, Nirupama works across global projects, and seeks to learn about the intersection of planning and policy creation.  She is also interested in integrating food systems into plans and policies around the world.  Outside of the lab, Nirupama enjoys playing badminton, cooking, and learning new languages, such as Korean.