Webex Troubleshooting

If you have an issue connecting to our Webex webinars where the circle below the “Starting Webex” continually cycles but nothing launches, click Run a temporary application. An application will download to your local workstation. Click on the download or click RUN and the meeting will launch.

Resolving audio (microphone) connection issues

By default, your audio connection will be disabled when you join the Webex webinar. Either the phone icon (see below) will either be missing  OR grayed out.

When the moderator enables your ability to participate using your audio connection, the phone icon will appear with the prompt pictured below. Select CALL USING COMPUTER when this box appears.


Once your audio preference has been selected, you should see the microphone icon (pictured below). Your audio connection is now ready to participate. This icon will turn RED once moderator has unmuted your microphone .