Clarendon Local Sustainable Development Plan, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica

City/Town/Village: n/a
County/Province/District (Name of): Clarendon Parish
Sub-national State: Middlesex County
Country: Jamaica
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Peri-Urban; Rural; Urban
Level of Government: Region
Population: 247,902
Population Range: 50,000 to 249,999
Policy Type: Plans
Food Systems Sector(s): food acquisition, preparation and consumption; food and organic waste management; food processing and manufacturing; food production; food retail; food wholesale and distribution
Year of Adoption: 2016
Adopting Government Department(s): Clarendon Municipal Corporation
Lead Implementing Entity: Social Development Commission
Supporting Entity: Social Development Commission; Clarendon Parish Development Committee Benevolent Society; National Association of Parish Development Committees; National Housing Trust
Additional Supporting Entity: n/a
Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
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Policy Outcome:

Clarendon’s Local Sustainable Development Plan is a comprehensive, long-term plan for the entire parish of Clarendon. The plan includes an assessment of current conditions of land use, water, agriculture and fisheries, as well as recommendations to be implemented in the future. The plan’s primary objectives include increasing climate change and disaster resilience through the construction of adequate physical infrastructure and sustainable management of natural resources, developing a healthy population by providing adequate access to social services, and creating a strong, diversified economy built around agriculture, as well as tourism and manufacturing. The plan connects agriculture, food aggregators, food wholesalers, and realtors to the primary objectives through a series of strategic objectives designed to use agriculture as a mechanism of economic growth. Some examples include encouraging hotels to purchase from local farmers and promotion of organic agriculture and sustainable tourism.

Policy Keywords: agriculture; economic development; environmental protection; farmers markets; farmland preservation; fish; fisheries; food access; food production; health; home gardening; inter-governmental; land protection; land use; livestock; local food; water; water conservation