New Course Offered on Food at UB

The University at Buffalo continues to offer more learning opportunities on food issues for students. A new graduate course titled, “Politics of Food and Eating in the Americas”, [AMS 302/HIS 309], will be¬†offered on¬†Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00-1:45 PM during spring 2016.

Course Description: This course explores the politics of everyday life in the Americas, with a special focus on the history of food and eating. We take food as a lens through which to understand race, class, gender, identity and immigration. The food we make, cook, eat and discard has a history; it is also a means by which we make and unmake our individual, social, and political worlds.We will build our reading and discussions around a wide range of food related texts, images, and other sources, including cookbooks, literature, blogs, TV and films. For more information, please contact the faculty member Dr. Camilo Trumper directly at