Christchurch City Council Food Resilience Policy, Christchurch, New Zealand

City/Town/Village: Christchurch
County/Province/District (Name of): Canterbury
Sub-national State: n/a
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: Municipality
Population: 381,500
Population Range: 250,000 to 999,999
Policy Type: Non-Binding Policies
Food Systems Sector(s): food acquisition, preparation and consumption; food processing and manufacturing; food production; food retail; food wholesale and distribution
Year of Adoption: 2014
Adopting Government Department(s): Christchurch City Council
Lead Implementing Entity: Departments of Christchurch City Council
Supporting Entity: Food Resilience Network
Additional Supporting Entity: n/a
Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
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Policy Outcome:

Adopted by the Christchurch City Council in 2014, the Food Resilience Policy seeks to create a food resilient city that contains vibrant social, economic, and physical environments to provide healthy, affordable, and locally grown food for all residents. To do so, the policy outlines specific action priorities to achieve their food resiliency vision, including: becoming an active member of the Food Resilience Network; identifying and making use of community land for food production purposes; establishing food production in community institutions (i.e., churches, schools, etc.); protecting productive soils from development; supporting initiatives that increase the availability and affordability of fresh, health food; and supporting community education on food production, preparation, and consumption. Upon implementation, the Christchurch City Council expects outcomes to increase social and physical health and well-being of the community, bolster a local food economy, build food resilience, and increase practical knowledge of food and food systems.

Policy Keywords: climate smart; community; consumption; education; food consumption; food preparation; food production; health; healthy food; local food; local food economy; resilience; urban agriculture