Nairobi City County Urban Agriculture Promotion and Regulation Bill, Nairobi, Kenya

City/Town/Village: Nairobi
County/Province/District (Name of): Nairobi County
Sub-national State: n/a
Country: Kenya
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: City
Population: 3,133,518
Population Range: 1 million - 4.99 million
Policy Type: Legislation and Regulations
Food Systems Sector(s): food acquisition, preparation and consumption; food and organic waste management; food processing and manufacturing; food production; food retail; food wholesale and distribution
Year of Adoption: 2014
Adopting Government Department(s): Clarendon Municipal Corporation
Lead Implementing Entity: Nairobi City County Assembly
Supporting Entity: Nairobi City County Urban Agriculture Promotion Board (established in bill)
Additional Supporting Entity: n/a
Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
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Policy Outcome:

This bill created the necessary framework for practicing urban agriculture within the City of Nairobi. The legislation mandates county executive committee members to promote urban agriculture practices through supporting practices, such as including urban agriculture within county physical planning, developing a broader urban agriculture strategic plan, and allowing the use of agriculture on urban vacant land. The bill also established a Nairobi City Council Urban Agriculture Promotion Advisory Committee Board to develop further policies and work to expand the legislation to a federal level.

Policy Keywords: advisory board; bill; commercial urban agriculture; fisheries; food production; horticulture; urban agriculture; vacant land