Kerala Acting Collectively for Equity (ACE): Public Health Equity Through Improved Water, Sanitation and Waste Management in Maradu, Kerala (India) (Spring 2016)

The purpose of this interdisciplinary studio was to assist the municipality of Maradu in the state of Kerala in Southern India by preparing a report to inform the local government’s city-wide sanitation planning process. A group of thirteen students from the fields of architecture, environmental engineering, public Health and urban planning worked under the guidance of Drs. Samina Raja and Korydon Smith to gather, analyze, and synthesize relevant information. Students traveled to southern India for three weeks to collect primary data on current drinking water sources, waste and wastewater management, and public health, and produced a report to assist the municipal government. The report, which includes a list of twenty-eight recommendations, was shared with the municipal government and key partners. Key findings included the need for improved and enlarged water and waste infrastructure for serving a growing population.The studio was conducted in partnership with Center for Science and Environment and supported in part by the UB Community of Global Health Equity.

Read the report here.