Gent En Garde Food Policy, Ghent, Belgium

City/Town/Village: Ghent
County/Province/District (Name of): n/a
Sub-national State: n/a
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch; English
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: City
Population: 248,358
Population Range: 50,000 to 249,999
Policy Type: Plans
Food Systems Sector(s): food and organic waste management; food processing and manufacturing; food production; food retail; food wholesale and distribution
Year of Adoption: 2016
Adopting Government Department(s): City of Ghent
Lead Implementing Entity: n/a
Supporting Entity: n/a
Additional Supporting Entity: n/a
Funding Amount: n/a
Funding Sources: n/a
Policy Links: PDF-Original – PDF-English – Web
Link to Additional Resources: Resource 1
Policy Outcome:

Create a holistic food policy which connects producers to consumers through existing and new networks. Reduce and reuse food wastes.

Policy Keywords: agribusiness; agriculture; buy local; citizen participation; commercial agriculture; community; community food system; community supported agriculture; compost; consumer education; consumption; distribution; employment; environmental protection; equitable; farmers markets; food access; food behavior; food gardens; food policy council; food processing; food production; food recovery; grown local; healthy good; information; innovation; job creation; local food; local food economy; municipal urban agriculture; organic agriculture; organic waste collection systems; regional food hub; short food chain; social inclusion; social integration; social networks; sustainability; sustainable agriculture; waste prevention; waste recycling