Urban Agriculture Promotion and Regulation Act 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

City/Town/Village: Nairobi City
County/Province/District (Name of): Nairobi County
Country: Kenya
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: City; County
Population: 3,133,518
Population Range: 1 million - 4.99 million
Policy Type: Legislation and regulation
Link to Policy (PDF): PDF
Year of Adoption: 2015
Food Systems Sector(s): Food acquisition, preparation and consumption; Food and organic waste management; Food production; Food wholesale and distribution
Policy Keywords: animal welfare; capacity building; commercial agriculture; compost; data collection; employment; environmental protection; evaluation; fertilizer; fish; fishing activities; food safety; food security; funding; income generation; inspection; land access; land use; livestock; manure; marketing; markets; pest management; pesticides; procedures; public health; risk management; strategic plan; subsistence farming; supply chain; technical assistance services; urban agriculture; vacant land; waste management; zoning
Adopting Government Department(s): County Assembly of Nairobi City
Lead Implementing Entity(s): Nairobi City County Urban Agriculture Promotion Advisory Board; County Executive Committee member
Policy Outcome(s):

This Act promotes urban agriculture within Nairobi City and County, Kenya. It provides the regulatory framework for the practice of urban agriculture; delegates responsibilities with respect to agriculture; establishes the Nairobi City County Urban Agriculture Promotion Advisory Board; and calls for the creation of a strategic plan for agriculture in the city and county.