Program for Garden Parks, Rosario, Argentina

City/Town/Village: Municipality of Rosario
State/Province: Santa Fe Province
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: Municipality; State (sub-national)
Population: 1,426,517
Population Range: 1 million - 4.99 million
Policy Type: Legislation and regulation
Link to Policy (PDF): PDF
Year of Adoption: 2004
Food Systems Sector(s): Food production
Policy Keywords: gardens; green space; inclusive governance; parks; public services; public space; urban agriculture; urban development; vacant lots
Adopting Government Department(s): Municipality of Rosario, Secretary of Planning
Lead Implementing Entity(s): Program of Urban Agriculture of the Secretary of Social Promotion
Policy Outcome(s):

This policy gives permission to convert currently vacant lots into constituent-focused garden parks, to be coordinated by the Urban Agriculture Program of the Municipality of Rosario. The purpose of the Garden Parks is to configure a natural pathway through the city, put vacant lots to good use, and consolidate the management of urban agriculture projects under one program.