The Kampala City Livestock and Companion Animal Ordinance, Kampala, Uganda

City/Town/Village: Kampala
Country: Uganda
Language: English
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: City
Population: 1,507,114
Population Range: 1 million - 4.99 million
Policy Type: Legislation and regulation
Link to Policy (PDF): PDF
Year of Adoption: 2005
Food Systems Sector(s): Food and organic waste management; Food production
Policy Keywords: animal waste; grazing; licenses; livestock; manure; nuisance; permits; sanitation; waste management
Adopting Government Department(s): Kampala City Council
Lead Implementing Entity(s): Kampala City Council
Support Entity(s): Kampala Urban Food Security, Agriculture, and Livestock Committee
Funding Sources: Department for International Development DFID-UK through Livestock Production Programme
Policy Outcome(s):

This policy establishes permits and licenses to help to regulate and control the keeping of animals, including livestock and companion animals, within city limits.

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