Urban Agriculture Framework Ordinance, Lima, Peru

City/Town/Village: Lima
State/Province: Lima
Country: Peru
Language: Spanish
Spatial Distinction: Urban
Level of Government: Metropolitan area; Municipality; Province
Population: 9,886,647
Population Range: 5 million - 19.9 million
Policy Type: Legislation and regulation
Link to Policy (PDF): PDF
Year of Adoption: 2012
Food Systems Sector(s): Food acquisition, preparation and consumption; Food production
Policy Keywords: adaptive reuse; community garden; economic development; environmental protection; food security; green spaces; health equity; intergovernmental collaboration; markets; microenterprise; nutrition; periurban agriculture; poverty; small to medium enterprise (SME); sustainable development; technical assistance; urban agriculture; vacant lot; vulnerable groups
Adopting Government Department(s): Metropolitan Municipality of Lima
Lead Implementing Entity(s): Metropolitan Municipality of Lima
Support Entity(s): Commissions of the Environment, Health and Social well-being; City Services Agency, Regional Agency of Natural Resources and Environment, Business Development Agency, Social Development Agency, Regional Government of Metropolitan area of Lima, Regional Development Agency, Regional Agrarian Agency, Local Participation Agency; Education, Sports and Culture Agency; Lima Parks Service
Policy Outcome(s):

This policy promotes urban agriculture as an environmental strategy to address food insecurity, social inclusion and economic development of the municipality of Lima.