Cassandra Granville

Cassandra Granville is an Emerson National Hunger Fellow at the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab.  Prior to the Food Lab, Cassandra graduated with a BA in Community and Global Public Health from the University at Michigan.  During her time at the University of Michigan, she gained public health research experience supporting the work of agencies local to Southeast Michigan and national health systems such as Kaiser Permanente. Her urban planning coursework during her junior and senior years were transformative in her decision to pursue a career as a city planner. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant at the Ford Policy School where she conducted research and made recommendations to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on strengthening work supports, reducing benefit cliffs, and utilizing two-generation approaches to poverty alleviation.  In the Food Lab, Cassandra supports the work of an evaluation project through the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County and General Mills Foundation.