Thaint Thu


Thaint is a junior at Hutchinson Central Technical High School. Thaint was recruited to the Food Lab through a partnership with the Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP). Thaint has worked  as a mobile market specialist at MAP for three+ years and has been in the Food Lab for seven+ months.

In the Food Lab, Thaint works on a project focused on the food experiences of refugees in Buffalo, a project called Dealing with Disparities in Food Access among Refugees (DDFAR).

Thaint also makes connections between her work with MAP and the Food Lab. Most recently, she led a photo contest for MAP youth . MAP youth were asked to take photographs of their food environment and community. Winning youth received a prize for their work.

What is your primary role in the Food Lab? I work on the DDFAR project as a transcriber, typing out what I interpreted from listening to an interview that’s recorded from Burmese/Karen to English.

Why did you decide to apply to work in the Lab? I wanted to be a part of the DDFAR project and be able to work around my community. I also wanted to do something that involves colleges just so I can be “prepared” and see what goes on in college environments.

What are you excited to work on or be involved with (in the lab) this year? I am excited to see where the DDFAR project is headed to and to be a part of the Food Lab’s new website.

What are your career goals (or, goals for your educational career – what would you like to accomplish or add to your resume before graduation)?  I would like to attend Fredonia college. I plan on graduating college with a degree in medicine (for pediatrics).

Tell us one hobby/activity you enjoy outside of work and school.I enjoy reading, my favorite book series is the “Series Of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket.