Community for Global Health Equity Website is Live!

The Community for Global Health Equity is pleased to announce their new website!

Dr. Samina Raja is a co-lead of CGHE, along with Dr. Pavani Ram, Dr. Kory Smith, Dr. Li Lin, Dr. Lisa Vahapoglu, and Jessica Scates.

The Community for Global Health Equity (CGHE) supports those who most influence global health—leaders, organizations and policy makers who can affect systemic change and community members around the world who can inspire, promote and implement solutions in their respective neighborhoods.

CGHE is a scholarly community with an aim to improve people’s lives around the world.

To become a leader of community-driven, university-based transformational change, we bring together scholars in health sciences and Architecture, Planning, Engineering, and other cross-synergizing disciplines (APEX) to:

  • Advance foundational science to develop innovative, low-cost solutions to improve health equity
  • Develop innovative solutions to overcome socio-cultural barriers to optimal health and well-being
  • Build and sustain relationships with and contribute critical guidance to policy-making organizations to improve global health equity
  • Improve the dissemination of equity-promoting practices of implementation organizations
  • Demonstrate impact through projects that improve the health and well-being of target communities
  • Train students to develop the expertise to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and to contribute to research, engagement and implementation activities that advance global health equity

Our solution-oriented, transdisciplinary approach seeks to contribute forward-thinking approaches to promote health equity across the globe.