Two Food Courses Offered at UB for Spring 2016

Two courses will be taught at University at Buffalo during the spring 2016 semester that may be of interest to students who want to  learn about the food system.

The Politics of Food and Eating in the Americas (Department of History): This course explores the politics of everyday life in the Americas, with a special focus on the history of food and eating. We take food as a lens through which to understand race, class, gender, identity and immigration. The food we make, cook, eat and discard has a history; it is also a means by which we make and unmake our individual, social, and political worlds.We will build our reading and discussions around a wide range of food related texts, images, and other sources, including cookbooks, literature, blogs, TV and films. This class will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 12-1:45pm. For more information, please contact Dr. Camilo Trumper directly at

Place-based Determinants of Health and Behavior (School of Public Health and Health Professions): This course will give students an in-depth understanding of the role of community, organizational and environmental influences on health outcomes and health behaviors. We will critically assess the place-based public health literature, review relevant theories and discuss methodological considerations for conducting research in multiple settings. Students will be able to choose and apply appropriate theories and methods for designing and evaluating interventions which affect policies and programs within and around the places people live, play, work and worship. This class will take place on Thursdays from 1:00-3:40pm. For more information, please contact Dr. Lucia Leone directly at